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Pakistan and Kenya enjoy warm and cordial relations which are deep rooted in history. Both countries share similar views on most international issues and have been supporting each other at various international fora. In this spirit of friendship and cooperation, Pakistan has been offering various courses and training programmes to Kenya which inter alia include

Junior level diplomatic courses, Advance diplomatic course for mid career level diplomats, Advance Railway Courses, International Central Banking Course, International Commercial Banking Course and Postal Service Training Course etc. The presence of sizable Pakistani Diaspora in Kenya is serving as a useful bridge between the two countries. Pakistan provided relief assistance to Kenya at the end of 2006 and in 2011 to assist the Government of Kenya in its fight against drought that effected parts of the country. Reciprocating that friendly gesture Kenya joined other nations in sending aid to Pakistan for the flood affected people during the devastating floods in Pakistan in 2010.


A mechanism of Joint Ministerial Commission (JMC) exists between Pakistan and Kenya. So far three Sessions of the JMCs have been held between the two countries. The two sides are in the process of finalizing dates for the fourth session. An important aspect of the bilateral relations has been the exchange of various delegations between the two countries. During the year 2010-2011 the Pakistani delegations which visited Kenya included Parliamentarians, National Defence University, Chambers of Commerce and industry from Lahore and Haripur, Pakistan Customs hockey team, Boy Scouts and various other business delegations. From Kenya a defence delegation and a Pharmacy and Poison Board delegation visited Pakistan during 2010-2011.


Kenya is fast turning out to be a hub of the economic activity in the East Africa following the formation of the East African Community. Its importance will further increase after the construction of Lamu Port and a railway network linking Kenya with other countries of the region. Currently Pak-Kenya trade is dominated by Tea and Rice. Trade between Kenya and Pakistan has been growing steadily. In year ending 2012, total bilateral trade stood at US$ 448 million while in 2007, total bilateral trade was worth US$ 245 million. In 2012, Pakistan exports to Kenya were worth US$ 210,172 million while in 2007, this figure was US$ 93,026 million. Pakistan imports from Kenya in year ending June 2012 stood at US$ 237,864 million.