- Pakistan High Commission Nairobi - High Commissioner of Pakistan is keynote speaker at eid dinner

Today, the High Commission of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Nairobi marked the Defence and Martyrs Day of Pakistan and Kashmir Solidarity Day.

Lt. General Mulata Adhan, Commandant of National Defence College, was the chief Guest on the occasion. He was accompanied by three Major Generals.

Members of the diplomatic corps, senior officials of Kenyan Defence Forces, Defence attaches, host government officials, business community, intellectuals, media and members of the Pakistani community were present on the occasion.

H.E. Saqlain Syedah, High Commissioner for Pakistan after welcoming the guests, enlightened them on the significance of the Defence and Martyrs Day. She shared historical anecdotes about the acts of bravery and heroism by the armed forces and the civilian population together who successfully defended Pakistan against Indian aggression in 1965.

The day was especially dedicated to the people of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IoJ&K) who are incarcerated in their own homes due to perpetual curfew for the last nearly 45 days, facing humiliation, torture, abuse, rape and all kinds of atrocities at the hands of nearly one million strong Indian occupation forces. The High Commissioner apprised the guests about the India action of 5 August and its dire consequences, first and foremost, for the people of IoJ&K in terms of demographic alteration in the coming times, their livelihoods, their right to self-determination as well as their honour, safety and security; secondly these actions have jeopardised the future of peace and security in the region and beyond.

High Commissioner reiterated Kashmiri peopleís inalienable right to self-determination while echoing Presidentís remarks that we will not leave any stone unturned for the realization of the inalienable right to self-determination of the people of Kashmir.

In his remarks, Lt. General Mulata Adhan praised the professionalism of the Pakistani armed forces. He recalled the Kenyan military officers training courses in Pakistan in the past and expressed interest in reviving that practice. He said that there was convergence of interest of Pakistan and Kenya in many area; the two countries could benefit from cooperating in those areas. General Adhan expressed keen interest in strengthening military ties between the two countries.

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